Belle Meade Farm

 Sperryville, Virginia

Full and Half Pigs For Sale

Chickens are AVAILABLE

Belle Meade Farm specializes in pastured livestock raised without hormones or antibiotics, including cows, pigs, chickens, laying hens, and turkeys, as well as organically grown vegetables. The farm also features horses, cats, and an abundance of wildlife. Here at Belle Meade, all of our animal products are free-range and the beef is grass-fed and grass-finished. We practice management-intensive rotational grazing in which our herd of cattle rotate through our pastures on a daily basis.  Please scroll down for meat cuts, availability and prices.

Orders can be made by calling 540-987-9748 or by e-mailing . You can also join our e-mail list to receive periodic updates on availability. For vegetable availability, please call us at the number above, send us an e-mail, or sign up for our e-mail list.

Three-Seasons Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program -
Belle Meade offers Three-Seasons CSA shares. Click here to learn more and to downloand the enrollmnet form.  Three-Seasons CSA Form Please contact us for more information.  


Integration with Belle Meade School

Belle Meade Farm works in conjunction with Belle Meade School . Students learn skills for sustainability by working around the farm and helping with farm chores. Families and community members buy food from the farm that their children helped to grow, thereby helping to support the school.

Customer Comments

"Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had, and the Belle Meade turkey stole the show!  It was absolutely perfect." —Steve

"We had them tonight and they were PERFECT!  These cuts were exactly what a NY Strip should be, so whoever does their meat processing knows what the cut is. I think I'm sold on Belle Meade for awhile!" —Jenny

"Belle Meade chicken is the best that I have ever eaten!  We ate only the breast meat for our dinner. After dinner, I cut up the not-fully-cooked dark meat and set it aside for another meal; then I made a stock from the skin and bones. Later, I cooled and strained the stock, and used it as a base for some root vegetable soup, into which I put the dark meat. So I had two wonderful meals from the chicken, and actually could have had three meals if I had used the dark meat for a chili or curry or something else. Belle Meade chicken takes the cake for best flavor!  Thanks." —Susan

Products and Prices

All livestock at Belle Meade Farm is free-range without hormones or antibiotics. The beef is all grass-fed and grass-finished. This process produces a lean, healthy meat. Since the meat is so lean, be careful not to overcook. Steaks and roasts will taste better cooked medium or rare. Long, slow cooking with moisture is good for pot roasts.  All of our meat is fully guaranteed or money back. Below is a list of prices for meat and eggs.


     Filet Mignon
     Hanging Tender
     Delmonico Steak (Ribeye)
     New York Strip
     Porterhouse Steak yes  $11.00
     T-Bone Steak yes  $11.00
     Rib Steak (bone-in Ribeye) yes
     Flank Steak  
     Sirloin Steak yes  $9.00
     Flat Iron Steak
     Eye of Round Steak
     London Broil
     Skirt Steak
     Chuck Steak


     Sirloin Tip Roast yes  $8.00
     Rump Roast (rolled)
     Eye, Top, or Bottom Round Roast yes  $7.00
     Pot Roast (Chuck) yes  $5.50

Other Beef Cuts

     Italian Sausage yes
     Stew Meat
     Ground Beef
     Short Ribs yes  $4.50
     Beef Liver yes  $4.50
     Ox Tail/Ossobucco yes  $4.00
     Meaty Soup Bones yes  $3.50

     Tenderloin yes  $12.00
     Boneless Loin Roast yes  $10.00
     Boneless Pork Chops
     Smoked and Seasoned Bacon (no nitrates or nitrites)
     Smoked Ham Roast (no nitrates or nitrites) yes  $8.00
     Pork Sweet Italian Grillers

     Pork Chops yes  $6.50
     Shoulder Roast
     Fresh Ham Roast yes  $5.50
     Baby Back Ribs yes
     Sage Breakfast Sausage yes  $6.00
     Ground Pork yes
     Spare Ribs yes  $5.00


    Whole Broiler Chicken
    K22 (Italian Red type) Whole Chicken

    Stewing Hen

    Pastured Eggs yes  $4.25/dozen

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